Our Services

 -        Domestic water lines and hose bibs connections

-        All plumbing installations and repairs

-        Hot water heaters, gas & electric

-        Installation of drains and roof drains and sewers

-        Drain cleaning - inspections - flushing and power snaking

-        Drain video inspection and video taping of sewers

-        Compressed airlines and high pressure wash lines

-        High pressure bulk oil lines and distribution

-        Bulk oil evacuation systems & tanks

-        Sump pump installations and repairs

-        Pressure pumps and recirculation pumps

-        Fire hose and sprinkler installation and service

-        Hydraunic heating boilers, heaters and slab heating and snow melt systems

-        Natural gas lines, tube heaters and unit heaters install and service

-        Roof top heating and air conditioning units service & installations

-        Excavation and backfill equipment service

-        Concrete slab cutting and core drilling and removal

For services inquires please contact the office

TEL: 905-951-3263

Email - info@cmcltd.ca